I am getting ready to place an order with you for items to deter (maybe eliminate) chipmunks. We do not seem to have a huge number, but they seem to have taken a liking to my bulbs this year and have gone nuts on those I did not get covered with mesh. So, it is war because we are getting close to strawberry and other berry season and I’d rather they did not scoff all those as well. :-)

Would the Coyote urine and granule/liquid guard be suitable to put next to the plants? I thought I could get two dispensers and put them near whatever is ripening.

In addition to that, there seems to be a burrow along the property line and was wondering if the Giant Destroyer would be worth a try to see if I can smoke them to somewhere else. My neighbor has been putting Decon Blocks out and the chipmunks break them up and take them away without any trouble, so I assume that is not working!

Would Liquatox work ok with Peanut butter, or is it better to use something like the pecan paste?

I notice you sell ultrasonic pest repellers. Do these work with Chipmunks? I bought a Victor brand one and the Chipmunks were not bothered by it at all, even close up, so that went back to the store. Do you have any that can stop Chipmunks?

Lastly is it better to just trap and release them?

Thanks for answering all our questions.

First, some COYOTE URINE in our LIQUID GUARDS around the garden would help. I also suggest placing some along the property line where you think they are coming from. This should keep them from ever walking on your turf in the first place…

Second, GIANT DESTROYERS definitely would be a good thing to use in any burrows you see. They should provide quick control of any that are in the burrows when you treat.

Third, LIQUATOX can work with peanut butter if the chipmunks are willing to eat it. To find out, place some peanut butter out beforehand and see if they like it. If you find them taking your offering, once it’s mixed with the liquatox you should get the same acceptance and quick control.

Fourth, though we do sell ULTRA SOUND DEVICES, you won’t see them listed with our CHIPMUNK PRODUCTS. That’s because they don’t work on chipmunks so we don’t recommend using them.

Lastly, using a LIVE TRAP is quite effective. I’ve had the same trap for several years and every time I notice a little nuisance animal like a chipmunk in my yard, I place out some PECAN PASTE and seed in the trap and usually get the little guy in a day. I like to feed birds so my yard attracts chipmunks, roof rats and squirrels. For me, the GREEN LIVE TRAP is doing the job on all of these. Yes, it is a little more time consuming having to relocate them all but I just like the concept of setting it out and forgetting about it till I find something trapped when I next go to watch my birds feeding. In the end, I’m sure I save time using the trap. Good luck with your little “varmints”!!

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