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What do you got for vultures? These birds are disgusting. They land on my roof and make a mess. I know they’re protected so I can’t shoot them but I’m getting tired of throwing rocks at them. I’ve tried some type of scare balloon which didn’t work at all. Also an inflatable snake. They do seem to be afraid of people but I’m not home enough to keep them away all the time any suggestions,?

Vultures are an important bird considering all they do. But when they start roosting on or adjacent to our homes and other man-made structures, they usually cause conflict. Most notable is their vomit and their droppings. Vultures naturally vomit most everything they consume which is highly corrosive. And their droppings are generally more repulsive, larger and messier compared to other birds. As a protected species, vultures are afforded a unique shield which prevents direct action from property owners. Fortunately there are some low impact repellents and strategies you can be effectively employ.

Vulture control on the home can be achieved two main ways. For use on the average roof top, we have “scare” type products which work effectively. If they are landing on gutters, TV antennas, electric lines or other movable parts of your roof, the installation of our JUMPING ATTACK SPIDER will many times chase them away. This spider has a built-in sensor and can detect motion which causes it to first release over 2 feet of string. It then retrieves itself mimicking a real spider. This movement includes leg motion and in general will frighten any bird including vultures.

If the vultures are landing on a section of your roof which is relatively flat and stable, install MOTION ACTIVATED WATER SPRAYERS to protect the area. These devices have built-in motion sensors and when activated will release a blast of water which can be set to spray as powerful as your garden hose will allow. They can generally reach 25 ft or more and it only takes one blast to chase away invasive vultures. Depending on the layout and angle of your roof, and it will probably take 1 to 3 units to get complete coverage and protection. This device is probably the most effective “scare” repellent overall for chasing vultures.  The following newspaper article details a story which includes a vulture invasion being resolved by the use of these sprayers.


If the vultures are landing on ledges, corner edges or tree branches that overhang your roof, treating the surface area directly with 4-THE-BIRDS GEL or 4-THE-BIRDS LIQUID will keep them away. This sticky, non-drying goo feels uncomfortable to them and they’ll avoid treated areas after one touch. This product will need to be applied two or three times a year but vultures are smart. Once they learn of its presence they will tend to stay away for long periods of time.

For vultures that are hanging around in a large area making the products listed above tough to employ, consider the YARD GARD SOUND REPELLER. This device sends out a range of sound waves which many animals don’t like including vultures. You can place these units out in the open and run them continuously for non stop protection. Ideal for large roof tops or trees too high to treat with 4-the-Birds. In most cases the birds will move away immediately and as long as the unit is on and sounding, they’ll stay away.

Turkey vultures and black vultures can be annoying and offensive when roosting close to or on man-made structures. Though limited, there are a few subtle vulture control options which can be put into action. If done right, the end result will be getting rid of the vultures from your home. The key to success with all these options generally is directly linked to how well they are installed. If the installation is done properly, you should be able to blanket and protect large areas which insures the best success rate. Remember to monitor the problem periodically and make adjustments as needed. Vultures are smart and can be stubborn so don’t expect them to pack up and leave after one bad experience. In most cases they’ll figure out that moving away for good is their only option.

Here are direct links to the products listed above:

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4-The-Birds Liquid:

Yard Guard:

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January 18, 2011

Verna @ 3:53 pm #

If you apply this to your roof does this make the surface of your roof slippery?
My son has a problem with Vultures on his roof in Florida and I ran acrossed your website. However since he gets up on his roof from time to time I wonder about this.
Please let me know how this works.
Thank you for your time.

November 30, 2011

guest @ 1:46 pm #

I live in a residential area and the buzzards like the top of my roof since it’s the tallest house.
Do you have anything to keep them off?

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