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Dear Sirs,

We have been inundated with chipmunks this year in my county. I went on-line and found your site. I ordered the Live Trap and Pecan 8oz along with Chipmunk PP.

At first I was disappointed because the cage in the demo video I watched had a rear release door. So I guess I bought the wrong one. When I watched the demo video I thought that the preparation was a little much.

However, because I watched the video and because I followed the instructions from the video I was successful in capturing six of these chipmunks so far still working on eliminating the problem. I found out that these critters are very cautious. Now I understand the reason for the baiting procedure. I had one chipmunk go in and out of the trap multiple times over a period of three hours and eat everything out of the plastic bowl three times before he would venture in further for the Pecan Surprise. He got his surprise!

I want to thank you and your company for a great product and good instructions.

A Happy Customer in New York.

Thanks for the great feedback. No doubt there is a certain amount of “science” that one needs to apply if they want consistent results. It’s really just establishing a pattern then duplicating it. Our CHIPMUNK CONTROL ARTICLE covers a lot of options but in the end, live trapping is probably the most effective. And even though you may have ordered the wrong trap as you can see if we include it as one to use, it will work.

Here are direct links to the information and products listed above:

Green Live Trap:

Pecan Paste:

Rear Release Door Live Trap:

Chipmunk Article:

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