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Does it hurt to get bitten by a Nat? Thank you for the help.

Nat bites can definitely hurt. The key here is what you consider to be a “nat”. We have been selling fine pest control products for almost 20 years and during this time have found that a nat to someone in Florida is quite a different insect compared to a nat in Michigan. Some people call no see ums nats, some refer to black flies as nats and others mean punkies or buffalo nats. Fungus flies, which are drawn to peoples eyes and nose, don’t bite but are commonly found all over and many people call them “nats”. We have also found many people call thrips or biting midges nats. My point is simple; some of these insects will sting people and some won’t. And when it comes down to measuring the sting on a pain meter, the results will vary. Read on…

Though most of the insects listed above do in fact sting, the level of pain their sting would register to any one person will vary depending on many variables. In fact there are many people who are not affected by insect stings – even those from fireants, mosquitoes or fleas. I have two brothers who can let mosquitoes and deer (horse) flies land on them, sting for any length of time (they are actually sucking blood and not really “stinging” like a bee or wasp) and can let this go on for so long the fly or mosquito will actually explode and die!! Even after this is allowed to happen for so long to their skin they don’t get a reaction, welt, mark or any discomfort. Now whether they were born this way or developed some kind of immunity I don’t know. All I know is that I have to wear some kind of DEET or other INSECT REPELLENT when I go afield with them and they are spared the time and effort of applying this stuff. If I get bit, I have found the STING RELEIF SWABS to really help make the welt and itch go away. Additionally, I’m usually fogging around my house with one of the foggers featured in our NAT CONTROL article because nats affect me and my family as do mosquitoes; my brothers don’t have to do any such treatments and they are never bothered (neither one is married and I’m thinking if they do, their luck will run out… for some reason women seem to be a lot more sensitive to this activity).

So in summary, some nat bites can hurt and some you won’t even know happened when or after the event. It can vary depending on just what kind of “nat” is doing the biting and just how sensitive the person being bit is to nat bites!!

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