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My neighbor walks his Chihuahua every day and every day that little dog leaves me a present.  My other neighbor walks his Bull Dog and he likes to leave me a present on top of the Chihuahua’s.  I am not a confrontational person and would like something to repel these dogs from leaving me their gifts on a daily basis (twice a day).  However – I want something that will not hurt my lawn and more importantly, the animals since they are the innocent victims here.  I saw your product below – I didn’t read anything about not hurting either animal or grass.  Will it?  Won’t it?  Thanks – this product will be my first (hopefully last) attempt at taking care of this situation.  Thanks very much.

Dogs can be a nuisance when irresponsible owners allow them to roam free and forage into neighbors yards. Some pose a hazard; others can wreak havoc on the terrain. Dog owners that allow their pet to defecate on someone else’s property are just as irresponsible. In situations like this, we have found three products that can work to stop the unwanted behavior.

The strongest deterrent is the YARD GARD ULTRA SOUND device. In situations like this, homeowners have found that by hiding it in bush close to the side of their property where the violating dogs approach will stop them from approaching immediately. Ultra Sound is easily heard by dogs and though it won’t hurt them, they don’t like the sound and will avoid the area big time. For pet owners that are walking their pet; they’ll quickly notice their dog will not want to defecate on your property anymore and will eventually learn another path or walking routine. The dogs simply do not like the sound and will avoid it at all costs so there is no chance it will stick around to defecate.

Another product featured in our DOG REPELLENT PAGE are the ROPEL GRANULES you ask about above. Though they have proven effective, they won’t last long and will need to reapplied on a regular basis. To get longer effect from your treatments if you choose to install them, set out some YARD TREATED SIGNS. at the same time. This “1-2” approach will serve to “alarm” neighbors that some type of treatment is being done on your property and since they don’t want to risk “hurting” their dog, they’ll avoid your grass as long as the signs are installed and visible. We’ve found people will use them for 2-3 weeks during which time the pet owners learn new routes of walking. The signs can then be removed for a week or two and then reinstalled. If the neighbor asks “..why all the treatments” you can respond with “..we’re having a stubborn pest problem which is requiring extensive treatments”. If you have further questions or concerns, please give us a call on our toll free at 1-800-877-7290.

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