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Do this  product work on the Smell left behind by Stinkbugs.

If you read through our STINKBUG CONTROL ARTICLE, you’ll learn this pest uses odor to mark territories and structures which are a good place to live, nest and hibernate. Once a home is targeted, these odors will tend to attract future populations of stinkbugs unless you remove the scent and treat the property to prevent the invasion. The most important thing to remember is that you should only attempt the odor control after you’ve controlled the stinkbugs. So once you’ve done some of the applications listed in our article and the population is seemingly diminished if not controlled, you may then proceed with the process of removing their smell.

Stinkbug odor control should be done to the outside of the building as well as the inside where it’s detected. Inside this will only be where stinkbugs have been active so in most cases limiting your effort to the rooms where you saw them will do the job just fine. Outside it will be necessary to spray down the sides of the home with some NNZ using 2-3 gallons to treat the average home. Mix it up at the rate of  6 oz per gallon of water and use a PUMP SPRAYER to apply it to the structure.

Inside the home use the same mixture but instead of spraying it, simply wipe down surfaces where the stinkbugs were active. This could be window sills, floor and ceiling moldings, etc. If you had extensive activity in a crawl space or attic, the use of a MINI FOGGER to make the application may be warranted. It will apply the finished solution like a fine mist getting great coverage without making a mess.

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Where can I find a MSDS for NNZ ?

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