how to treat no see um bites


My daughter just came home from camp and they must have no see ums on their property. She is itching and scraching and I’m afraid she’s going to get them infected if I don’t do anything. How can I treat no see um bites? Do you have some kind of lotion or something?

The problem with all insect bites that itch is that we subconsciously scratch at them many times not realizing we’re probably making the wound worse. Kids are particularly vulnerable to this problem because they don’t know the impact of their scratching. As adults, we at least know it’s not good to do; children have a hard time understanding the concept of leaving the bites alone.

We have found there are two things that seem to work well for taking the “itch” out of these bites. First is the STING RELEIF SWABS. These are best for adults though they will work on children too. These swabs work fast and are invisible once applied.

If you learn the no see ums are active on your property, consider some of the repellents or treatment options listed in our NO SEE UM CONTROL ARTICLE. This pest can be persistent once it gets warm outside but there are ways to reduce local infestations as outlined in our article.

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