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I have searched relentlessly to find an answer to my problem.  We live in Germany and last spring we had some little white bugs with brown spots on the curtains, which are white.  I noticed the same bugs around our light fixtures, around some picture frames, and on our white walls in the basement.  They do not bite, are very small, and are remarkably similar to barklice and carpet beetles.  They are way too small to photograph.  They are easily killed with a fingertip, and sometimes you go days without seeing one.  We see them the most on windowsills, and in the area downstairs where our Labrador stays.  HELP!!  LOL, They’re driving me crazy!
Thanks, A.

In order for us to further assist, you need to send more information. Additionally, pictures can help even with the targeted insect appears small. Try taking some as close to the insect as possible and chances are if the image is clear, we can use it to help diagnose the problem. Use the highest setting possible on your camera “megapixel” wise. Here are some other things you can let us know to help us identify the species.

1) Do they fly or crawl?

2) Are there groups together or do they randomly forage on the curtains and lights?

3) Based on where you are finding them, does it seem like they are attracted to light or warmth?

In conclusion, it’s tough for us to make a definitive id based on the limited information we have. However, I can make some guesses. First, insect species do vary worldwide. Some of these variances are huge within the same species. But in most regions that share related pests, the differences are more visual and not so much biological. Using this generality and based on the behavior you’ve described, I would guess your insect is one of the following: Cigarette Beetle, Drugstore Beetle, Powderpost Beetle, Asian Beetle or Carpet Beetle.

You didn’t mention if they are round or oval which could eliminate some of the choices above. And if you prefer to do a little reading on any of the above, here are some direct linkds to very informative articles on all of them:






Remember, there could be a big variance in color so the only information in the articles that won’t be a big help could be the physical characteristics of the species we have here compared to what you have over seas. I know this to be so because over the years I’ve seen a wide range of colors throughout the world for the same insect so it can happen; my point is don’t rule something out based on it’s color. Instead, rely more on how it’s behaving and where you’re seeing them. Hope this helps!



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