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I have 2 white Mushrooms growing right out of the wall in the hall. Looks like they grew from somewhere inside to right through the plaster so we can see them when we are walking up the stairs in the hall. What product do you suggest?

Mushrooms growing inside the house is a sure sign of a current moisture problem. The first thing you should do is a good inspection of the house. You need to be looking the source of moisture. In all likelihood, it has something to do with the roof or the siding on the home. Additionally, it most likely is stemming from some upper-level area on the home. Small leaks can collect a lot of water from which mold, algae and fungi will grow.

Once the source of moisture is identified, any structural or mechanical problem should be corrected. Doing this first is paramount to solving the problem for good. Once corrected, the wood in this area and surrounding areas can be treated to prevent further fungi growth. Just “treating” without first fixing the leak or any damaged wood resulting from the leak would be a mistake. Regardless of the source of moisture, there are two products that will be well-suited for treating fungi growing in any type of structure.

As our online MOLD CONTROL ARTICLE explains, fungi growth can many times be found far away from the source of moisture.  It’s not uncommon to see mushrooms growing in the basement which are deriving their moisture from a rooftop leak. In situations like this, the leak must first be fixed and then the roof must be treated to effectively kill the root of the fungi. I suspect this could be needed to resolve your problem. If the moisture source is from your roof or outside siding, the surface area should be sprayed with our MOLD AND ALGAE KILLER.

Since mold and fungi will take root on most any surface the area between the leak and the mushroom growth needs to be well inspected to first ensure there is no structural damage to the home. Molds and fungi literally eat the wood on which they live. Though slow, this consumption will alter and ultimately weaken structural members like floor joists, rafters and sill plates. Make sure all structural members of the home are intact and have not sustained measurable damage. In most situations like you’ve described, once the leak has been repaired the structural members in the attic and walls should be treated to ensure no further growth can be sustained. The best product for any wood or cellulose material in the home would be BORACARE or the new BORACARE MOLDCARE combination. Boracare by itself will penetrate wood and protect it from insect infestation as well as most common fungi. However, given the current status of fungi growth in your home, I would recommend the Boracare along with some Moldcare. By adding the Moldcare to the tank mix, you’re taking the extra measure needed to ensure mold and fungi cannot return to where they once prospered. This extra protection is many times needed when treating structural members. This is especially true when treating in the home and the source of moisture is not easy to identify or repair.

If you find the fungi is also growing on surfaces other than wood, these areas should first be treated with MOLD BLASTER and then MOLD BLOCK. Mole Blaster can be used on any surfaces and does a good job of killing active mold, algae and fungi that many times is not visible to the naked eye. Mold Blocker, does a great job of preventing future growth of mold and fungi for up to one year following the treatment.

The outside Mold Algae Killer comes in a “ready to spray” hose end type applicator and does not require any special equipment. Boracare, Mold Blaster, and Moldblock all need to be applied with a good PUMP SPRAYER. When treating above living area spaces, be sure to apply the material heavy enough to get a uniform treatment but not so heavy that it puddles and leaks through the ceiling into living spaces. When treating attic areas it will many times be smarter to do two or three “light” applications instead of one heavy one to avoid leaking it down. If you are not able to direct spray material into wall voids from above, the use of a FOAMING TOOL may be needed. This tool will enable you to get products like Boracare into wall voids where mold and fungi live. Based on where you’re seeing the mushroom at your house, I suspect you’ll be needing to treat some wall voids to get long term control.

Mold and fungi growth in the home is a sure sign of moisture problems. Correcting the problem is critical if you wish to protect the long-term health and stability of the structure. Once this problem has been identified and corrected, a good treatment with the products listed above will both kill and prevent future mold or algae growth. If you have further questions regarding the treatment process, please give us a call on our toll-free 1 –800 — 877 — 7290.

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November 8, 2010

lora @ 12:02 am #

This was really helpful. I thought me and my children were in danger.

April 21, 2011

Anonymous @ 2:21 pm #

we have them too! but luckily it is just a rented house

August 22, 2011

Shawna Christen @ 9:58 am #

This winter i bought a mobile home to be closer to my daughter. Using my whole life savings leaving me with no money to spare.The guy i bought it from had replaced all the carpet and had painted all the walls. Well this spring i would open the windows and would smell a musty odor not thinking anything of it. But by summer i had noticed i had a water leak i call the tralier park manager they came down and fixed it. I had been faliing asleep on my couch then after a few days i decided to use my bed. When i got ready to get into my bed and my dog started growling i told her to come lay down but she kept on growling. So i got up to see what she was growling at and there it was 9 mushrooms growing in my carpet. i called my brother to come help me find out why i had mushrooms growing in my trailer and he opened the skirting and found that there was mushrooms growing and it was soaked and i had a way bigger problem than mushrooms growing i have mold and rotten floors. I have talked to the trailer park manager and she told me well you own it its your problem now. i am not sure were to go or what to do. But hopefully i will soon be mold free.

November 2, 2016

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