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We have these in our home in everything and We have tried every product on the market to get rid of them including bombing twice.  Even exterminators have told us they can’t guarantee to get rid of them.  We live in South Fla. They have been biting me for five months and won’t leave me alone day and night with nights and early a.m being the worst. My husband only feels them once in a while.  There is no where in my home I’m not being bitten.  Can you help me?  I spray myself with all kinds of chemicals including deet and they still keep biting me.  I can’t keep breathing all these chemicals on my skin and clothing.  I’m miserable!!!!

First, I suggest you refrain from using repellents inside the house. Repellents are designed for outside where there is a wide range of targets for biting/annoying insects. In the home where there might be only 1-2 people active, repellents loose their effectiveness and should not be relied upon to any degree. Based on your note above, it’s obvious you need to address the problem more directly which in turn will alleviate the infestation. Only then will the no-see-um activity cease and you’ll be left alone.

To start, I suggest making sure you aren’t being invaded by no-see-ums somehow getting inside through open windows or doors. Identifying the source of the problem is paramount to solving it. When it comes to invasive insects like no-see-ums, the first rule is make sure you aren’t allowing them direct access to the home. Once you know they aren’t flying inside through some open vent, window or crack, you can start looking inside for any viable nest site.

In the home no-see-ums will need a good supply of moisture to nest and reproduce. This could be in a damp crawl space or some other moist location like potted plants or standing water. Litter boxes, basements, window sills and many other locations found in homes all present prime nest sites for no-see-ums and should be inspected to make sure they aren’t involved. The simple act of watering household plants during the winter creates prime nest sites for many insects including no-see-ums. And the use of “bombs” or any aerosol space spray won’t stop the nesting and reproduction that might be happening in the plants or any of the aforementioned locations so based on your note above, I’m not sure anything has been done yet that could possibly stop the reproduction cycle of whatever pest is involved.

Lastly, are you sure you have no-see-ums? There are many insects that can invade and nest in a home which will bite. The short list includes biting flies, fleas, thrips, straw itch mites, mosquitoes, gnats and chiggers. Florida is home to all these pests and more importantly, the environment is both warm and moist enough to allow them all to prosper all year long.

At this time I suggest you get a definite handle on what pest is involved. To do this, you should set out some GLUEBOARDS throughout the home and see what  they catch. HEATED FLEA TRAPS should also be set out. They use heat to attract biting pests and will many times catch the culprit pest involved. Once the species is identified, a proper pest control program can be initiated to stop the infestation once and for all. Though we have several space sprays that can be used like PT-565 or ORGANIC FLYING INSECT SPRAY, I don’t believe either will stop the cycling of the insect involved here so for now, I don’t think using either will help. True they might kill what’s active so you may get relief for a day or so, the problem is many of these pests reproduce so quickly you’ll see them again in little time.

No-see-ums are easy to control once you know their main nest site. Up to this point, I’m not sure anyone has done this for the current infestation in your home. Locate the source as well as the exact insect involved and I’m 100% sure we can help you eliminate the problem. If you have further questions or concerns, please give us a call on our toll free 1-800-877-7290.

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December 1, 2011

guest @ 8:58 am #

Hi so i have noseeums in my apartment and the bug guys said that they are in my house plants.. i was wondering how to get rid them in my plants with out killing the plants???
thank you very much!

May 18, 2015

Lyn @ 8:23 am #

I was in FL about 10 days ago and didn’t notice any bug bites, but now after I’ve been home for about 1 wk. and a half, I have, what I believe to be, no-see-um bites on my arms, legs, and ankles. Why did it take so long to appear? Do they live on clothing and when I put my things away are they multiplying?????

November 5, 2015

Jeanette @ 11:58 pm #

My sister lives in an apartment and after the landlord had mulch put out they have what we think is no see ums. We live in northern alabama and these bugs are making their life miserable. They have had pest control out to spray, they have bowl of vinegar and dawn sitting everywhere, they have bought the heated flea traps and have them out. Nothing is helping the problem. Can you help us??????


November 6, 2015

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