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I believe we have a problem with noseeums. We stayed at a cottage at the beach in late July and have noticed bites now and then. However, at this point I feel like one of the rooms of our house is infested with them.  We have tried flea spray and raid concentrated deep reach fogger outside under the room we have the most problem with.  We do not see any bugs or fleas or anything, that’s why I suspect that it is these noseeums.  We were with 2 other families in the same cottage but they are not bothered by this problem, not sure if the problem came from the beach or not?????

Help!  What can you do, if you have them in your house?  Do you have any suggestions?

Noseeums are generally a problem outside but they can thrive inside if conditions are right. As explained in our NOSEEUM CONTROL article, they need a lot of moisture to live. This can be derived from household plants, damp basements or crawlspaces. All it takes is a small pocket of water and they can ascertain enough moisture to thrive. With that understood, one can imagine that most homes have the capacity to maintain a healthy noseeum population.

Once inside, the ideal remedy is to remove or diminish their source of moisture. In most cases, this act alone can solve the problem. But since they are so resourceful, this doesn’t always work. It also means you need to identify all the possible moisture sources which isn’t so easy to do since they can live in remote locations.

To help curtail the activity, you should start by trying to identify any moisture supply that may be helping to support their reproductive cycle. Additionally, the use of some PT565 can help eliminate them immediately. You will need to use it frequently since this product has no residual. Generally this means treating twice a week. But since the treatment is easy to do and requires little time, it can be managed.

Another option is to set up some AEROSOL MACHINES throughout the home with some KONK FLYING INSECT KILLER. These machines will do the treatments for you which in the long run will save money and time. Just program one to go off during the night when everyone is sleeping and you won’t even know the house is being treated. Cans will last a month or longer depending on how frequently the machine is set to go off.

If you prefer something organic, the ORGANIC HOUSEPLANT INSECT KILLER is certified for use on plants and safe enough to use around people and pets as frequently as needed. It would be the weakest solution but would provide relief from noseeums too.

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April 28, 2015

elba correa @ 12:48 am #

I read somewhere that if you put your air conditioner at 63 degrees or less it would freeze them out but it has not worked. They are now all over my sofas in the living room and my bed room. I tried clorex on all the drains and I did see a puddle of water outside my bathroom window which my son opens and so have I the water seems to be from the air condintioner which looks like it has a small hole in the drane.

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