flying shield bug problem in house


Is there anything that is safe to use when there are kids in the home? We have a small dog too.

We’ve been finding 2 to 5 shield bugs a day, almost every day throughout the winter. They are the brown shield bugs.
I kill them by wrapping them in paper towel, taping it up with scotch tape so they can’t escape, then discarding in the trash. This seems to also contain their smell. I don’t crush them because the smell is released and it nauseates me. If I crush them in paper-towel the small passes through the towel and even soap won’t easily remove it. I don’t vacuum them because the smell lingers indefinitely in the vac cleaner even when the bag is changed. I have flushed some down the toilet, but a few found a way to swim their way back out so I wrap them in toilet tissue before flushing them.

I’d like to do some treating in the rooms where we see them without hurting my kid or dog. Please advise.
Someone said they look like ladybugs in one of their development stages.


Shield bugs are basically stink bugs. Controlling them can be done best by keeping them out of the home. Usually people report seeing them on the outside of their house in the fall, just before winter, as they accumulate getting ready for the upcoming winter. Spraying them at this time is ideal since they’re both vulnerable and easy to contact.

Once they get inside the home, treatment strategy will change. The best product for use in living areas is the PT-PHANTOM. It’s both odorless and long lasting. Additionally, it works slow on target insects and for this reason has a good chance of affecting a lot more than the 2-5 you see daily. Treating any room where you see the shield bugs will take care of the problem and should shut them down for the remainder of the winter. But you’ll need to treat as explained in our SHIELD BUG CONTROL post if you want to keep them out of the house for good.

Lastly, all these products are safe to use in and around the house where people and pets are active. There are some basic guidelines you should follow which are nicely detailed and explained in our SAFETY VIDEOS. Follow the recommendations on how to handle, mix and store our products and you won’t pose undue hazard to anyone in the home.

Shield bugs are likely to return to where they have found good safe refuge so if you don’t treat the problem, it will get worse. Follow these guidelines for quick control by using the Phantom in areas where you see them now. Do the more thorough treatments explained in our Shield Bug Control article this spring and I’m sure you’ll be able to tackle the worse part of the problem. If done properly, you should be just about shield bug free by next fall. If you have further questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to give us a call on our toll free 1-800-877-7290.

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