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I’m buying a home and there is a cat that under the house and we’re getting rid of him but there is cat urine smell and who knows what else, what products should I buy to get rid of that smell and r safe for my kids when I move in? I purchased a cat and dog outdoor spray at the local pet store but it smells like garlic. I don’t think I can handle that very long once I’m living there. I saw something in your website about bacteria eating product to eat away where the cat might of peed. Please help, I move into my new home on the first!!! Edith :)


Cat urine can be quite strong and persistent. Getting rid of cat urine odor can be tough order but it can be reduced and ultimately erradicated. The most important part of the process is being thorough when treating. This means delivering the product over the top of all areas where the cat has been active. You say it’s “under the house” but you don’t state if this area is a crawl space or something else like burrow. Regardless, if you cannot get in there to spray with a traditional PUMP SPRAYER, you’ll need to use a MIST BLOWER FOGGER. This fogger will ensure uniform and thorough dispersion of the product so no area is missed.

The best material for cat odors is NNZ odor neutralizer. It’s non toxic to the ground and structure and does not pose a hazard to people or pets. You’ll need 1/2 gallon to do a thorough job and most people who use it only need to do 1-2 applications. We’ve had success using it for smoke, dead body odor and even urine as well as feces. I’m sure it will neutralize the cat odor if you deliver where it needs to be.

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June 21, 2012

Ron W @ 7:59 pm #

We definitely need something to get rid of cat odors under the house. Over a period of a month we have persuaded the cats out and have replaced openings with screens so fresh air can blow through and air it out, but definitely need your mist blower pump. Thanks, Ron.

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