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I recently purchased a 1.75 lb jar of Snake Away and spread it around my home. I miscalculated the amount needed and don’t think I laid enough of it down. Should I be concerned? Also, should I have purchased a 50lb bag of Sulfur Granules instead? Does Sulfur Granules repel reptiles, amphibians and rodents as Snake Away does?

First, there is no need to be “concerned” about not applying enough SNAKE AWAY. Measure again and if you didn’t use enough, get some more and firm up the application to insure it will last as long as it should. Insufficient amounts will allow snakes to enter sooner but since you realized your error, it should be easy to fix. Add enough to get the right amount in the area you want to protect and the two applications should work in unison to repel snakes for the normal length of time.

Second, SULFUR GRANULES will not repel snakes and other reptiles like Snake Away. If you look at the label, you’ll see there is some sulfur in Snake Away but the way it’s formulated is much different from any bulk packaging of sulfur soil amendments. The kind of sulfur used in turf is quick dissolving and designed to quickly dissipate. For it to repel snakes, it would have to lie on the surface of the ground and not in it to have an impact. Additionally, there are other components of Snake Away that make it very different and enbling it to last 1-2 months per application – something Sulfur cannot do.

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April 12, 2011

Ken Lake @ 6:55 am #

Where can i buy snake sulfur

February 24, 2012

josh @ 1:36 pm #

Does snake away repel lizards? Specifically, small geckos, anoles and skinks that live in south FL? They have infested the perimeter of my home, my porch and even infested my garage? Thanks.

September 27, 2014

Prescilla @ 9:22 pm #

Is it poisonous to pets? I have two dogs (german sheppard, Chihuahua)

September 28, 2014

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