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I just finished watching your video and I can say that you have by far the most information regarding springtails. We are currently having a springtail invasion into our house. We just bought a brand new home and have only been in it for about a month and a half. I have a feeling that either the springtails came from the new sod that was laid or were already in the walls when we bought the house. Either way we have them and they are driving me up the wall. At first it was a few here and there, but now they are really making their presence known. They are coming in through the sliding door in our kitchen and hanging around our kitchen sink. Now they are making their way to our upstairs bathroom. We have taken every step to eliminate moisture in the house, we have had pest control come out several times, and I have already poured vinegar down the drains to eliminate any nesting or springtails in the drain. However, these things keep coming back. I have a 4 month old and I need these things to be gone. I caught one crawling on him. And I know they are virtually harmless to humans, but I don’t care. I don’t want them on my son. We have also already pulled the sod away from the house and had pest control spray there as well. Most websites say to wait them out and they will leave when the moisture is gone and it dries up outside. However I live in Texas and the humidity is killer, so moisture is probably not going away anytime soon. What do I do? I am at my witts end, I am thinking about picking up and moving because I can’t take them anymore. Please Help.

By any chance is your house a slab? Springtails commonly live up under slabs. As explained in our SPRINGTAIL CONTROL ARTICLE, failure to get them where they are nesting will many times allow them to reproduce in such numbers that a mass migration will lead to what you’re experiencing – even with the spraying that you’ve been having applied. The bottom line is that if you allow them to reproduce that close to the house, they will be seen when migrating.

If your house is a slab, I’m afraid this problem could take a lot more work than what you might expect. Since slabs will allow them to come in from under the house, no spray around the perimeter of the home will stop this invasion. The only thing that will help is to get the soil under the house treated much like is done when a house is treated for termites. I know this sounds like a lot of work and in fact it is; unfortunately you won’t be able to stop them unless the chemical is applied where it is most needed.

Now if you don’t have a slab home then I suggest treating the soil out into the yard a good 10-20 feet from the house using the BIFEN GRANULES. Letting them soak down into the soil will get to the springtails where they’re nesting. This in turn should stop them from reproducing and by cutting down the population, less will get into the living area.

Additionally you should spray the foundation and soil with the BIFEN or CYONARA RTS shown in our Springtail Control article. This will help stop them from gaining access via the foundation.

Lastly, the inside of the home should have the DELTAMETHRIN DUST applied to the wall voids, especially where you have pipes coming up throgh the slab, to make sure the springtails aren’t able to start nesting in these same areas. More open areas out in the living area of the house can be treated with theD-FORCE AEROSOL.

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