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Jonathan,  We live in Arkansas and have a screened in porch.  We have a problem with some pest laying a string of eggs on the screens, (also soffet and metal siding even glass). This is very unsightly.   It started early summer and continues still.  We do have a lot of moths so could it be a moth problem on the screens.   Thanks, S.

There are many possible insects and animals that could be laying the eggs you’re seeing. The most common that do this are frogs and moths. Since you cite you’re seeing moths around the house, I’m leaning toward them. If you review our MILLER MOTH CONTROL article, you’ll see we offer several options you can employ to both get rid of them and their egg laying. Remember, ARMY WORMS and CUT WORMS are two species which are quite active right now and if you’re seeing caterpillars in your turf, these little guys can really do a lot of damage. The adult stage of these pests is a moth and come August-September, these moths will start egg laying. If this is the species present and they’re generating the eggs, it means the start to a potentially bad problem if you leave it untreated.

At this point I’d consider spraying with either the CYFLUTHRIN or the CYONARA RTS listed in our Moth and Worm articles. Either product will control any insect that could be responsible for what you’re seeing. If it turns out to be frogs or some other reptile that’s laying the eggs, these sprays tend to repel reptiles so there is a good chance they’ll up and leave the treated areas. In the end, the egg laying would most likely subside and more importantly, the treatment would probably get control of any insect active as well as hold off any potential infestation.

Miller Moth Control Article:

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Cyonara RTS:

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November 18, 2010

T @ 8:52 pm #

I also have been having strings of small brown eggs on my windows and metal surfaces. Just this morning, I found two string of them hatching, one had bright red insect like nymphs coming out, another the same kind but black. Im suspecting that they are aphids or squash bugs but im still unsure.

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