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Just getting back from a road trip in Wyoming/Montana. I spent a lot of time cleaning the windshield while gassing up at the station. Took a lot of elbow grease to get all the mosquitoes, flies, gnats, biting flies, moths, bees, wasps and lovebugs off it. Is there something I could add to my washer fluid that would eliminate having to ‘scrub’ the bugs off?

We have BUG FREE WINDSHIELD CONCENTRATE which is designed to be added to the tank that holds the windshield cleaner for your car. Basically it’s an additive that targets bugs and when used during normal “windshield washing”, it will enable you to have the bugs wiped off via your wiper blades with very little if any human effort needed to complete the task. This is a “must have” option for anyone that does a lot of travel and finds insects are messing up their vision during long drives by getting smashed on your windshield.

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