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Which of your products would you recommend to keep frogs out of an 'above ground' self-contained jacuzzi.

The picture in the attached is similar, but my jacuzzi is a 2 person rectangle.

They are breeding.. I think.. I'm thinking about getting some netting, putting elastic and then placing the netting with the elastic coming 5-6" down from the top, and then the cover on top. They can 'sneak' under the cover. I've thought about putting 'weight' on the cover, but think they will still find a way in.

What kind of poisons could I sprinkle around the jacuzzi? or spray.. other ideas? Desperate.. I want to use my jacuzzi without FROGS in it. Thank you in advance for any ideas.

Frogs are attracted to moisture and the small ponds, pools and jacuzzis people set up in their yard will almost certainly attract any in the area. Obviously this can be a problem if they start getting into the water. To stop them, it would be wise to incorporate a defense plan that will employ several different products.

First, the placement of some screening will help. The screen will have to be a small enough mesh so they are not able to fit through it. Additionally, it will have to be placed either over the top of the water or somewhere on the ground in order to "block" the frogs from getting to the water. In some cases, netting placed over the entire unit will be required and should be considered if just covering the top isn't doing the job.

Second, the use of some repellent around the area may help. As our on line article on FROG CONTROL cites, the use of SNAKE REPELLENT can be an effective deterrent to any that are living under or inside the motor housing of the jacuzzi. It can also be spread around the property at key entry points to help stave off any that might wander in.

Third, the use of some sprays to the local vegetation can have a profound impact – especially if the frogs are feeding on insects adjacent to the jacuzzi. By spraying some CYPERMETHRIN on the bushes, plants and ground where the frogs are active, you can many times diminish their food supply enough to make them forage elsewhere. And since they don't like the taste of cypermethrin, they will many times stay off or away from plants which have been treated by it.

Keep in mind there is nothing really designed for frog control but the above listed products are all used in these areas and over the years of seeing them used in their normal way, we have learned that they will many times deter frogs. If employed in this fashion around your jacuzzi, you too might be able to reduce the local acitivity to a tolerable level.

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