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I'm seeing a tiny flying black bug in my kitchen and breakfast room and we can't figure out what it is. These are really small. It seems like we only see them when we eat but not every meal. These bugs seem to be attracted to salads and I think it's the salad dressing. I say this because I don't see them around my tomatoes or other produce unless the salad is cut up and served. My friend calls them vinegar flies but I don't know about that. Any idea what I can do about these guys? I have no idea where they're nesting so I'm at a loss. Thanks!

It sounds like you might have some fungus flies. These are tiny black bugs and they fly. When they land they kind of stutter as they walk or move. Many times you can crush them before they fly away as they aren't as skittish or aware as most any other fly to people and other predators. But obviously this isn't an option when they're landing on your food so something has to be done to stop them from nesting in the home.

The first thing I suggest is to try and identify where they are nesting. This is usually somewhere moist or wet. Common places include the soil of potted plants, drains or any other standing water. A recent flood could provide plenty of water for a colony of fungus flies to thrive so don't rule out crawl spaces or other areas around the house. Once these locations are found, you can treat with an aerosol like GENTROL or PT-MICROCARE. The Gentrol is a growth regulator. It works by disrupting the flies normal development so they're not able to fully mature to reproducing adults. It's one of the only aerosols that can be sprayed down drain lines so if you think the problem is here, Gentrol may be what you need. The PT-Microcare is a Pyrethrin based micro encapsulate which does a good job of lasting 2-3 weeks where applied. This means it will stop the development as well but in a more direct manner as it is a contact kill. Gentrol won't kill adults but by working on eggs and larvae is just as effective if not more so since it can last so long. Gentrol treatments can last upwards of several months.

Organic aerosol like the HOUSE PLANT INSECT KILLER is a good choice if you're treating sensitive areas. This product won't last long so you will have to use it a couple of times a week to stay on top of the problem but it is very safe. We also have organic concentrates you can spray on plants like 3 IN 1 FIM. This product is ideal if you have the flies in soil or some other moist area where an aerosol isn't the best option. The good news here is that regardless of what you've got, as long as you treat the main nest site I'm sure you'll be able to keep the populations minimized and under control once you start treating. If you have further questions or concerns, be sure to give us a call on our toll free at 1-800-877-7290.

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